Dog Park

Tewkesbury Secure Dog Park aka Merlin's Meadow was inspired by my Saluki - Merlin! I was struggling to find anywhere local that I could let him run free as being a Sighthound, he runs off after anything that moves. Cars, bikes, lorrys, runners, children, rabbits...! I was looking for a couple of acres but managed to find 16.5 acres just outside of Tewkesbury town centre. I knew that there were other people in my situation so decided to open it to the public by appointment.

The land was in a bad state, very overgrown and unsafe so set to work making it perfect. A new access bridge was put in, the old fences removed, all the boundary trees cut back and the grass cut. Then the new fences were put in, a very big job! They are at least 6ft high and it's all horsewire which is very small mesh so not even the smallest of dogs can squeeze through.

The whole 16 acres is available to hire exclusively by the hour for £15. This is for up to four dogs from the same family, extra dogs are then £3 each (foster dogs are exempt from the extra fee). Alternatively you can make a small group which is £5 per family.

Every Saturday 12-1pm I have an event walk. This is where socialable dogs can get together and play. I alternate the events weekly between Sighthounds, small and medium breed, and medium and large breed. Please keep an eye on the Facebook events page for details.

How to book

Please send me a message, either on text to 07963553180, or private message me on the Facebook page. Please state your name, the number of dogs you are bringing, and the day and time you would like. I will then get back to you to confirm and send you the directions and bank details for transfer. Payment secures the booking. The day before you arrive I will message you the gate code for the following day.

Terms & Conditions:

1. All dog waste must be bagged and binned (bins are provided).
2. All dogs must be up to date with their worming, flea and tick treatments.
3. Payments are non-refundable and must be paid to confirm the booking. I will hold the space you ask for until the end of the day to allow time to make payment.
4. Early arrivals must stay in the outer carpark until the agreed start time. Please keep your dog in the car at this time.
5. Please park in the inner carpark whilst using the fields. This ensures dogs cannot escape.
6. Late arrivals will still need to vacate the field / inner carpark by the agreed time.
7. On leaving the field you must lock the gate, even if someone is waiting in the outer carpark.
8. Bitches in season are not allowed on group walks.
9. All fencing is at least 6ft. If your dog can jump higher than 6ft, I cannot accept responsibility for escapees.
10. Please report any issues that arise when using the fields.
11. If your dog digs any holes around the boundary, please fill them in before leaving.
12. Only well socialised dogs may book for non-exclusive use.
13. If you have booked for non-exclusive use and your dog attacks a person or dog, or in the event that he/she is involved in a fight, you agree to be responsible for any losses incurred.
14. I cannot except responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles whilst onsite. I recommend you lock yourself in the inner carpark.
15. Bookings are up to four dogs from the same family for £15. Extra dogs are charged at £3 each per hour, excluding foster dogs.
16. If booking an exclusive slot, but forming a group with friends, it's £5 per family. Minimum of £15 still payable.